Release your inner BADass...

-Christina, MomBoss of 4

“Rachael has helped me release my inner badass. She made me realize I am worthy of so much in my life and my dreams and visions are manifesting. Every day that I work with her, it validates my calling as an empowerment coach to other women.”

Reach Your Unlimited Potential...

-Maria, working mom of 2

"Rachael is so loving and positive! Her passion to support us is incredible! She came along at the perfect time to help me up level and be a better version of myself! Her example is so infectious that I want to help others too! This will be an investment into you that will continue to give to you throughout your life. I am so blessed to have worked with such a capable and caring woman who truly listens and customizes her program to transform a person’s mindset and reach one’s unlimited potential!"


I got my supermom cape back...

-L.K. Mompreneur of two

"I met Rachael during one of the darkest and most challenging periods of my life as a mom and woman and I am so thankful for the forces that brought us together. Working with Rachael allowed me to not only weather a difficult time, but to come out of it stronger, more confident, calmer, and in alignment with all the roles I play as mom, entrepreneur and wife. She helped me discover new ways of handling the challenges that come along with the amazing gifts each of these roles provides. Most of all she helped me make the woman inside the mom a true priority, thereby making me a better mom, wife and person. Rachel's coaching style is that of a supportive and intuitive girlfriend. I felt truly supported throughout our time working together. I know my family and I are infinitely better off for the investment I made in myself to work with her."                                                                                                     

I now feel empowered in my life...

-R.S. Mompreneur of one

"When Rachael, AKA Supermom, took the time out of her busy schedule to talk to me, and help me, I felt so loved! I left the conversation feeling way more confident and a stronger sense of self love. She even sent a follow-up email that made my heart swell when I read her thoughtful words of encouragement. It also included a list of suggested activities and events that match my interests that she had mentioned in our conversation. 

It really felt amazing to talk to someone who just gets it. She knows what it's like to be a stressed out mom. Most importantly though, she knows how to constructively coach with solid advice, tools and recommendations to help get us haywire moms get out of that stress zone! From just one 45 minute conversation I can sense that my personal growth and expansion has been renewed. Thank you Supermom for being such a positive force for good and helping me to feel empowered in my life!!   

The Supermom Meetings are impactful...

–J.K.  Stay at home of two

"I love attending Supermom meetings because it is a great couple of hours when I don’t have to worry about my daughter and I can enjoy a cup of coffee with fellow mothers. Rachael has helped bring out the ‘old me’. I forgot about some of the things that made me happy before I became a mother. Meet a few mothers, learn some self-care ideas, and enjoy a cup of coffee and possibly a pastry!  I always feel refreshed after a meeting" 

Pull it all together and Prioritize!!!

-A.P  Mompreneur of two

"Meeting with Rachael is fantastic.  I felt fully supported, safe and comfortable to share my story with her.  I felt heart and respected.  She is an amazing listener, who helped me pull together all my needs and wants, to prioritize my goals.  She offers encouraging heartfelt support for all areas of your life!"

Rachael's got my back...

  -A.V.  Working mom of two

"I can't thank you enough for all of the life coaching you did.  Being able to talk to you and not feel judged made me that much more comfortable telling about what was going on in my life and the challenges I was facing.  You have a unique ability to help me see beyond my immediate situation, take a step back look at it from a different angle.  It helped me time after time to work through my family challenges.  More importantly you encouraged me to make decision that were right for me-albeit a little scary.  And the end result was a happy family and a healthy lifestyle."  

Imposter Syndrome GONE...

-Janelle, Mom-boss of 2

“I have been dealing with imposter syndrome in motherhood and career and it has held me back tremendously!

I started working with Rachael in her group coaching program and let me tell you, it has been amazing!

Rachael knows exactly how to help you cut through the BS that your mind can feed you, and gives you strategies to combat the noise. 

Not to mention, having the support of the other women in the group has helped me to see that I am not alone in how I feel!    I highly recommend Rachael as a coach, she is wonderful!

I am so grateful for her group coaching program.   ”